First day of Market timing restrictions

I was in a salon at 8:15 pm when i heard police sirens…and then suddenly they were shouting on loud speakers to close the shops…telling the shopkeepers that they have to pay fine if they r not gonna close down immediately…and they actually managed to get 80% of the shops closed won within 15-20 mins. They came back after a while to check if there were any still open…what i like about the whole exercise that the shopkeepers were happy to close their shops and they all were talking about opening up early in the morning. They were happy that they can spend more time at home with their children and family. It’ll take some time to get used to of these timings…but in the end its gonna be good for everyone…shopkeepers, shoppers and the country. but on the other hand i really hope that the law stays long enough to get us used to of it 🙂


Earth Day

April 22 has been celebrated as Earth day from last 40 years by everyone who loves the green n blue planet, and knows that its not just a planet but our home. This year Earth day will also be celebrated by Nature as well…how…there will be fireworks display from the heavens…didnt get it…well peak of the annual Lyrid meteor shower is arriving on April 22…if u r lucky, u may get to see as much as 90 meteors per hour…and if u believe on making a wish on seeing a falling star…here is ur chance to make the wishes for ur entire life 🙂

as for the thought on Earth Day…save electricity…we need it as badly as anyone else in the world


i’m back…finally

i lost focus…interest…and will to write…but i’m back now…
i know that all of my readers, if there were any, would have gone to other places, other blogs, and joined other ppl in the blogosphere…plus the advent of facebook have dented bloggers like me big time, as ppl become more interested in finding what others are doing instead of what others are writing…
but i’m back to assemble my readership back and give them something good to read…so stay put for new and regular posts
and a small thought for tomorrow’s Earth Day…save water…coz no water means no life

Pak Post…revamped or not?

i always try not to go to a government office in usual circumstances, and try to find someone who can do the work for me. but today i was short of time so i had to do the work myself. i needed to post two letters urgently…u ppl must be laughing at me as im still talking abt letters and snail mail in the cyber age…but i cant send an email or cant even use a courier to drop something in a PO Box…i heard a good deal about the revamped face of the Pak Post on KMB and some other forums, so I reluctantly decided to visit the nearly post office to buy the envelopes and post the letters then and there. As I stepped into the post office, the government office ambiance was all too evident. Everyone was standing and waiting for someone to attend them…but all the staff was bz in doing some work which was not at all related to the office…staff was just strolling here n there, arranging their stuff, talking to each other, but not in least bit interested in doing the work which they r supposed to do there…later I found out that as it was the shift change time, at 3 pm, and the staff was commencing its day, and we never work in the starting half an hour or even a full hour. Now that was quite a situation for me as it was pretty hot and I didn’t want to spend next 30 mins or so in that heat. An idea popped up in my mind and it was a good one…I heard in the news a couple of days back that Pak Post has issued some postage stamps on the Birthday of BB…I asked the nearest staff member for them…and I could see the delight on his face on hearing the name of BB…he instantly came to me and told that the head office has not provided them but I may get those stamps in a couple of days…as if I really need them 🙂

Poor people should eat chicken :s

Whether Marie Antoinette ever said the words ‘Let them eat cake’ or not, we may never know, but our President Musharraf has definitely said that ‘Poor people should eat chicken’. This news item was printed on the first page of 8th June 2008 edition of Daily Jung.

Haier Pakistan’s China Earthquake Relief Fund

From Buzzvines,

Haier Pakistan has taken an initiative to contribute in the rehabilitation process of the affectees and has started a campaign by the name “Let’s Bring Back Their Smile” across Pakistan. According to news on Haier Pakistan’s Website, the company has already donated US$5,000 to the China
Earthquake Relief Fund, but this campaign’s idea is absolutely brilliant, probably needs a bit of promotion.

“Let’s Bring Back Their Smile” campaign’s idea is that for every candle lit in the honor of the victims of this tragedy, Haier Pakistan will contribute a portion of its earnings towards the China Earthquake Relief Fund. You don’t have to physically light the actual candles. All you have to do is log on to the Haier Pakistan’s Website ( and click on the EARTHQUAKE CHINA – Let’s Bring Back Their Smile! promotional logo with a candle on it. That’s it and Haier Pakistan will contribute on your behalf in the China Earth Quake Relief Fund. How good is that.

Direct link to the page is here. So visit as many times as u can. in blogging terms, every single pageview counts 🙂